Aggie Roberts' nurturing nature has benefited those around her for the past 50 years. Her dedication to children, the environment and the community earned her the distinction of having a school named in her honor. She earned the affectionate title "Plant Lady" from the scores of children she has taught. Mrs. Roberts' positive nature and patience made her a natural to work with children.

For 29 years, Aggie Roberts shared her love for all things green as a University of Nevada Cooperative Extension horticulturist. She taught horiculture and water conservation through informal presnetations in schools, day-care centers, nursing homes, recreation centers, libraries, churches, parks and homes. She educated citizens throughout media and has organized several garden clubs. She started junior garden clubs for handicapped children.

Beginning in 1950, Aggie Roberts served as PTA president for 16 years at four different schools. She also served on the Nevada PTA Board of Managers and received a National PTA Lifetime Membership from that organization. She continued her support of children's activities in a variety of ways. She received the prestigious Western Fairs Association Award for her work as superintendent of the Youth Division of the Jaycee State Fair, a position she held beginning 1974. Mrs. Roberts also helped young people as a Girl Scout Leader and Boy Scout Den Mother.

Mrs. Roberts was elected to the executive board of the Metropolitan Beautification Committee in 1975 and served until 1991. She helped organize Southern Nevada Clean Communities in 1985, served on its advisory board and received their first Outstanding Member of the Year Award. Clark County Commissioners to the Sunrise Manor Town Board, serving for 32 years as secretary, appointed her. Mrs. Roberts had also been teacher at her church for more than 30 years.

Mrs. Aggie Roberts was born January 2, 1919 and lived until May 16, 2006.

Aggie Roberts

Mission Statement

Our mission at Aggie Roberts Elementary School is to develop independent, secure individuals, capable of adapting to an ever-changing world. We will teach essential skills and promote a personal lifelong love of learning.